Slate is resistant to moisture, cold and wind. It is a good insulator, and these makes slate roof to last hundreds of years. It is also ecologically friendly and does not negatively affect the environment.
It is good for internal and external flooring. Floors made of slate are usually laid in external porches, bathrooms, kitchen and basements. Internal floors of slate add glamour to the house as they are durable and versatile. It gives room for unique and creative designs of the interior.
Slate is useful in the landscaping of both residential and commercial buildings because of its resistance to weather and pollution.
Black Brizilian Slate
Black Culture Slate
Black Rustic
Black Slate
China Rusty
Coca Brown
Mac Rusty
Multi Pink Slate
Peacock Rustic
Rusty Slate
Terra Red
Dark Green
Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials in the world, with great structural strength and durability. It also provides texture and slip resistance. No other colored quartz product gives you so much freedom to create a uniquely special environment.
China Pink Quartz
D Green Quartz
Green Quartz
Pink Brizlian Quartz
Sliver Grey Quartz
White Brizlian Quartz
White Culture Quartz
White Quartz Broken
Yellow Brizlian Quartz
Yellow Quartz Broken
Black Culture
Green Culture
Sandstone looks very much like a compressed sand or layers of sedimentary material.It is an excellent addition to landscaped areas, adding texture and a natural feel that makes the space more appealing to the eye.
G Yellow Sandstone
Lime Pink
Palimanam Sandstone Hone
Palimanam Sandstone Natural
Panther Sandstone
Rainbow Sandstone
Speckle Brown Sandstone
Sukabumi Limestone Hone
Sukabumi Limestone Natural
Teakwood Sandstone