Granite tile flooring has always been on top of priority list for flooring purposes. Home makers love to use this kind of flooring as it adds beauty and grandeur to the homes. Thhe rich colours and patterns that the granite floor tile exhibits are definitely the winning factos. Moreover you can customize your floor's pattern by mixing tiles of different colours and styles to give your floors a distinctive look in your kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. It is slip resistant so it is very conducive to be used at homes.
Among natural floor tiles, granite is one of the hardest. As a result, it is long lasting, most durable and less prone to damages.
603 Light Grey Flame
603 Light Grey Polish
654 Grey Bushammer
654 Grey Flame
654 Grey Line Chisel
654 Grey Gplit w Grooveline
682 Rustic Yellow Bushammer
682 Rustic Yellow Flame
682 Rustic Yellow Polish
682 Rustic Yellow Split w Grooveline
682 Rustic Yellow w Grooveline
684 Black Bushammer
684 Black Flame
684 Polish
684 Natural Split with Grooveline
654 Polish
654 Flame with Grooveline
682 Rustic Yellow Natural Split with Grooveline
Cobblestone Maroon
Cobblestone Tiger Skin
603 Flame Finish
654 Hone with Tumble
654 Natural Finish
654 Point Chisel Surface & Natural Side Finish
682 Natural Finish
684 Flame Surface with Straight Cut Finish
684 Hone with Tumble
684 Natural Finish